Latest NHS Health Check figures from all local authorities in England

The latest NHS Health Check figures from all 152 upper tier local authorities in England is now available through the online interactive map.

The latest data shows that out of the eligible population of just over 15 million people aged 40 – 74, a total of 2,824,726 NHS Health Checks were offered in the year 2013/14. Of those offered, 49.0% were reported as taking up their check.  Since transition from the PCT to LAs, the % of people offered the NHS Healthcheck has gone up by 9.5%.

One of the long-standing concerns of councils is that people who are most at risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes and dementia are often least likely to take up the offer of an NHS Health Check. Councils working in partnership with local GPs and pharmacies has led to a marked increase in take up, especially among socio-economically deprived communities, by organising opportunities in supermarkets, neighbourhood events and away from traditional health settings.

The key issue for local authorities will be making sure that, as well as improving the uptake for those who would most benefit, individuals have access to information and services that can support them to reduce their risks. This includes better information on where, and how, to get support for healthy diet and weight management, smoking cessation programmes and access to leisure services and green spaces.

Local authorities and Public Health England took on responsibilities for the NHS Health Check programme in April 2013. The commissioning and monitoring of the risk assessment element of the NHS Health Check is a mandatory public health function for local authorities. Requirements are set out in Local Authorities Public Health Functions and Entry to Premises by Local Healthwatch Representatives Regulations 2013.

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