I'm not being racist just amusingly ironic

What have a Cambridge varsity ball, a history teacher and a board game got in common? Why would a group of students think Gone with the wind would make a great theme for a university ball with it underlying subject of slavery and racial stereotypes? Why were only three black people accepted on the post graduate history teachers training course in stark contrast to the 506 white people? Why would any one holding a dinner party think an anti PC board game would be a laugh for a couple with a disabled child and  the partner of a mixed race couple? Is it ignorance, insensitivity or "hipster racism"?
Some people may have genuinely never thought about stereotypes and myths that are reinforced in tabloid papers, they may never have attended equality and diversity training or mixed with people different to themselves but once told it was offensive even if they didn't understand why they wouldn't do it. Unless they were claiming to be "ironic" in the way that arrogant and superior people think is amusing.
Blair McPherson author of An elephant in the room an equality and diversity training manual published by Russell House www.blairmcpherson.co.uk 

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