Catch 22

This week’s featured publication is The Grocer, you know why.

Milo Minderbinder buys eggs for seven cents and sells them for five cents. Clearly this is good for the customer and good for the producer it’s a mystery how he manages to do this and make a profit but who cares we are all winners.

 Those of you familiar with Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 will know how this commercial venture between the private sector and the public sector in the form of the US army works. Needless to say it makes Milo Minderbinder a lot of money.

So when the supermarket chain offers to build you a new library or the next time your organization is offered this really good deal to run all your back office services at a lot less than its costing you now remember there is always a catch. 

Blair McPherson author of Equipping managers for an uncertain future published by Russell House

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