My National Poetry Day offering *warning: may contain dairy*

Slightly off topic I know, but seeing as it’s National Poetry Day, I thought I’d share my only poetic offering of the last twelve months.

I was finding it impossible to find non-religious, non-totally cheesy, non-haven’t heard this a million and one times before readings for my wedding. So I thought, if I’m going to have to go with cheesy lovey-dovey stuff, it may as well be a bit of edam I made myself.

So here goes. My own little poem so beautifully delivered by my little sis on the big day:

Is love patient?

Well, it may be but we are not. Life’s too short to mess with this stuff. There are some ideas though we’ll share with you; we’ll let you into our little plot.

When they turn and catch your lingering gaze
and know you’re urging the world to see their greatness, and the hope that they raise,
that it is worthwhile you being around, and that together you’re great – you make a difference some how.
That moment between you of the gooey gaze, will get you through the worst of days.

But you are you. That first and foremost should always ring true.
Greater than the sum of your parts is grand - and you need always be ready to reach a hand. But there’s really nothing that you can’t achieve
when they’re willing you from the sidelines, letting you breathe.

Forgive us now for being a little smug,
but nothing beats the strength of a best friend’s hug.
Of holding in your arms, the one that holds your heart,
the one you met across a room and you knew from the start,
that years would vanish by and your hunger would hold,
to laugh with them and love with them and a life with them you’d mould.

So that’s it. We don’t profess to know it all, and nothing’s perfect, us least of all.
But if there’s one piece of advice to take from above, go for it, claim it - don’t be patient with love.

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My National Poetry Day offering *warning: may contain dairy*

Slightly off topic I know, but seeing as it’s National Poetry Day, I thought I’d share my only...


Gavin Crosby 8 Years Ago
I was just listening to some of my favourite lyrics over lunch, so that will be my contribution, and poetry is always better with a guitar behind it anyway! the whole song is written beautifully, sounding at the same time off hand and deep, accessible and intellectual. But this is my favourite verse - New England, Billy Bragg I saw two shooting stars last night I wished on them but they were only satellites Is it wrong to wish on space hardware I wish, I wish, I wish you'd care
Gavin Crosby 8 Years Ago
incidentally, 1 - well done for sharing your own poem 2. formatting seems to be a bit broken on the KHub the now - line breaks not showing properly
Michelle Marie Rea 8 Years Ago
Cheers Gavin! I love those lyrics and couldn't agree more - you nearly always find the best poetry in songs. Unfortunately most of my favourite songs include lyrics more suitable for a divorce than a wedding! ;) Formatting is all my fault - I'd copy/pasted from a PDF and was too lazy to sort out! M
Gavin Crosby 8 Years Ago
Was thinking about my own posts, khub seems to be removing single line breaks when you cut and paste from a document - but is fine when you put in the line breaks yourself
Michelle Marie Rea 8 Years Ago
I guess what I'd recommend is perhaps copying into notepad first to strip formatting? It just happens the comments in blogs are simple text editors - for your own blog for eexample there's a remove format button? M