Where you born to be an online community facilitator?

After extensive and scientific research I can now tell you the years and months that will make you a great facilitator.

But first a bit of background to this ground breaking research.  The research using the back of a napkin and some great surveying by Blaise Grimes – Viort’s and his Zodiac Signs Survey conducted with 180 community managers and my Chinese New Year Zodiac Signs Survey with an impressive 27 responses.

Leads to the conclusion that if you where born between the 23rd of August and October the 22nd (Virgo or Libra)

And your year of birth was one of these 1926, 34, 38, 46, 50, 58, 62, 70, 74, 82, 86, 94, 98, or 06.

I can now say categorically that you will be a great online community facilitator.

So that’s me out then, back to the drawing board.

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