Should you stay or should you KHub?

I've been busy this week making contact with Scottish communities that have
been inactive for a little while. Im targeting inactive groups this month
to find out if they would like to migrate their community to KHub and
use migration as an opportunity to revive their group or close their group because the
community has served its purpose helping people complete a piece of work.

It's been fascinating for me to hear all the different reasons people have for
ending their communities though the most common reason so far has been
'it just didn't work out as we'd hoped.' There are lots of different
reasons for this too (again all fascinating) but what is common to all
of them is that working in a web based collaborative space is a cultural
change. Whether it's that the facilitation wasn't all that robust (a change
the community leader wasn't ready for) or that engagement from members
was poor (colleagues not understanding or attracted to working
transparently online), the shift to using a new platform or tool for work
will take time to bed in and become common practice for us all.

So, if your community isn't quite working out for you now don't panic or feel
like it has failed if you let it go. Save your material and reconsider
starting again later. I'm always around to meet with you to talk about
how you might get things going again. Get in touch with me if you want
to delete or migrate your community and I will help you action whatever
it is you need.

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