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In an earlier post we explained our plans for having a series of Discovery Days based around a variety of digital democracy themes.  These themes are part of our Framework for Digital Democracy.  Our last one was on Social Council Decision Making.  Thank you all for your contributions - keep sharing the examples, the more the merrier.

Elections are the bedrock of our democratic process so it would be remiss of us to let the forthcoming District and European elections pass without doing a spot of discovering.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at what’s happening before, during and after the elections and trying to find examples of good digital practice in a variety of areas including:

  • The pre-election period (let’s not call it purdah please) - What are the digital challenges and opportunities for officers, councils, councillors and candidates during this period?
  • Raising awareness and improving voter registration.  How have councils (and others) using digital to good effect to deliver these objectives / outcomes?
  • Digital candidates.  What are political parties, councillors, candidates (and to some extent councils) doing to support and encourage digital campaigning.  
  • Making it easy to vote. What digital approaches have been developed to make the life of the voter easier.  How to vote, where to vote, who to vote for.  Where’s the best practice?
  • Campaigns and engagement.  Are councils running any specific campaigns or targeted activity to increase registration and voter turnout.  Are digital approaches being used to target communities / communities of interest
  • The Big Day – are there examples of real time reporting / capturing of how councils are using digital approaches on the day to raise awareness, support voters, increase turnout and report on developments as they happen
  • The Results – how is digital being use to support the count and the reporting of the results?

As you can see its very exciting and we’ve got a lot to get through and we need your help.

Take part in our Discovery Days

We want to hear from residents, candidates, councillors, officers, organisations, community groups, pressure groups, officers at the “democratic front line”.  What are you doing to make this election social?  How is your election being rewired?


How to take part

We’ll be running Discovery Days about local elections during the rest of May 2014. Please get involved by telling us what you’re up to. Because we think it is such a big deal we’re also taking this opportunity to launch our Rewiring Local Democracy site - a place where we want you to tell us about all the good digital democracy stuff that’s going on.


So please keep an eye out over the next few weeks and join in the discussion:

  • Tweet your examples and links to @LDBytes
  • Take our quick social local elections poll
  • Blog about how you’re using digital tools to get people involved in the local elections.


Watch out for the tweets from @LDBytes (please use the #LDBytes tag).

We’ll capture useful examples from your contributions and share them.

If you’d like to get more involved, you can also share ideas on the Knowledge Hub.  


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