Don't just blame the tech, ask yourself did you get the purpose right?

Blame TechnologyI've seen roll outs of different technology including SharePoint , Microsoft Office , CRM, Clarity Project Management etc, etc.   And you always hear the same comments, I don't like it, it's clunky, it’s the wrong colour, it makes my eye hurt (I made the last one up) etc, etc.  

So how do some online communities survive and thrive when the tech they use is sometimes odd, old and clunky.  My only explanation is the purpose and the WIIFM.  Otherwise known as COMMUNITY

Take sites such as Money Saving Expert and Golf GTI Forum.  They are a bit messy and on first look hard to understand.  I have to admit MSE is so much better now.  But what they do have is a strong sense of community, a clear purpose of what it is and what it can do.

So there are examples that show community beats technology.

All you need to ask yourself is, do you have a compelling purpose for your community, that no matter what barriers technology, people or otherwise that get thrown in the way that the community survives and thrives.

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Richard Overy 8 Years Ago
Great post Michael. Money Saving Expert is a great example of a web site where the benefits provided by the community outweigh the messy design. If you are finding free items or major cash savings (or helping others do the same) the web design is incidental.
Michael Norton 8 Years Ago
Now all we need to do is transfer that into the Local Gov Environment. Its happens for some just need to help others make it happen in more.