Ch ch ch changes with localgov digital

I am still digesting all that I heard at yesterday's Digital Summit. The momentum was great and there was plenty of agreement about issues and priorities, but there was a lot to take in and come to your own conclusions on.

What helps is going through the tweets, blogs and pics of the day which gives a sense of the range of people who were there on the day and participating online.

There were elephants in the room such as staff access that were frequently referred to, but what I am getting an overwhelming sense of is that the type of change required is cultural/behavioural change. It can be easy to fixate on the technology, however as Engage for Success' David MacLeod's final presentation of the day underpinned, the success of the adoption of a new of working will depend on the people - people who feel empowered and supported to be innovative, who know that their commitment will be recognised and that there will be no finger pointing when a new idea doesn't quite succeed.

I am sure more themes will emerge as the conversation continues on Knowledge Hub and beyond; however below links to some of the conversations that have already been happening.

A blog from panelist Su Unerman on what she took from the day

Some photos from the Digital Summit


A shot of the illustration of the day - you can download a few more here to get a closer look.









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Hopefully some of the themes can be revisited at the Citizen 2013 event on June 13. We have speakers like Elizabeth Linder of Facebook, David Moody of Kana, Antonio Acuna of Data.Gov.UK, Paul Hodgkin of Patient Opinion. Free to attend for LGA members - but space limited so suggest you pre-register now (via the site).