Where is the "BIG DATA" in government?

The NoSQL For All  group has a discussion forum for everyone to contribute to - it asks the question "Where is the BIG DATA in Government?".  Go on, give it some thought and contribute to the discussion.

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Leah Lockhart 8 Years Ago
This is great, Peter. I suspect there are a lot of people like me around- people working in the public sector who champion use of web and social media for citizen engagement and greater transparency (among other things) and that includes bigging up data exposure. However, I don't have the first idea about the systems used, infrastructure and what it actually means to make data and big data available and the technical aspects of connecting big data sets. I think there is a gap in relationships between people like me and people like you and I'm really glad you created a group like NoSQL For All. I'll be in there soon asking daft questions. I've also shared a link to NoSQL For All in the newly formed Records and information management Scotland group that may be of interest to your crowd. I'll also link it up to the Scottish Public Sector Digital Groups web presences. Thanks again!
Peter Winstanley 8 Years Ago
Martin Fowler has produced a great slide stack that you might find interesting
Leah Lockhart 8 Years Ago
Oh yeah, Martin's slides are good stuff. I'll definitely be sharing these! Thanks!