#OurDay in Surrey Heath

Surrey Heath Borough Council is situated in North West Surrey and is based in Knoll Road Camberley.

Surrey Heath covers 36.5 square miles and is a mix of urban and rural environments. It combines a vibrant economy with an attractive environment and, statistically, is the second safest district in the safest county in England and Wales.

Facilities in the local area include Camberley Theatre which boasts a great programme of productions, events and activities, Surrey Heath Museum which features educational and informative exhibitions throughout the year covering a wide range of themes, two fantastic leisure centres and superb retail and leisure venues including The Mall and The Atrium.

Social Media has been an important part of the Media and Marketing team, helping us reach a wide range of people on a number of different platforms. Currently, we host and update four Facebook pages, two Twitter accounts, and a YouTube channel and recently have added a Sound Cloud and Flickr page to our collection.

Currently we use our social media output to publicise events, share local information, break news to local residents and to promote a feel-good factor about living in the borough of Surrey Heath. All posts, tweets etc. are sent from the Media and Marketing department rather than individual teams or councillors.

#OurDay is a chance for councillors or departments who don’t have an online voice or presence to get involved and share what they do to a wider audience. There is a perception that councils just empty bins so this is a great chance for us to show other sides to the work we do for the residents of Surrey Heath.

So far, interested teams include Environmental Health, Sport and Leisure, Surrey Heath Museum and Camberley Theatre while one of our Dog Wardens has also expressed a strong interest to be a roving Tweeter!

We hope that #OurDay is of interest to local people, giving them an insight into the work councils and its staff do, and also will make the idea of using social media more accessible and less daunting to some teams who may not have used them before.

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