1st meeting of the Data Standards Panel

14th December 2011 was the 1st meeting of the UK Government Data Standards Panel.

Starting with some opening context and encouragement from Liam Maxwell, the group then discussed how it was going to operate.  This is going to be an 'open' process in that

  • The standards that it approves should bed 'open' ( plenty of debate at the moment about what that means );
  • Anyone can propose what standards should be considered;
  • The process and materials that support a decision to adopt or not, will be freely available as they are created;
  • Comments and feedback are invited throughout the process.


The intension is to adopt a small core set of standards that can be applied across the public sector.

I take part in this for LeGSB, with others representing standards boards from Health and Adult Social Care; and Education, Skills and Children's Services; + others from the open data community, and other parts of the public sector.

I'll post the minutes when I get them.

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