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The Digital Summit presents an opportunity for stakeholders to come together and have the time and space to start thinking our way to a new future. Many individual councils are likely to be doing this in isolation but we must recognise that as a sector we are stronger and more effective together even though our local needs may be unique.
We all face common challenges and seek common solutions, whilst maintianing a local focus - I'm particulary focused on how creating a culture and climate of digital into our organisations and communities we can start to exploit the many benefits it presents.
This requires pervasive digital awareness and education — a ubiquitous digital climate that animates and inspires creativity and transformation and enables growth and wellbeing.
A digital climate is different to a transformation programme. It is a shift in thinking in which people and institutions are routinely aware of and constantly incorporate digital technology and opportunity into whatever they do.
We need to shift our thinking and design processes to creating local environments and communities that are organisms and we must align our purpose to every part of it - This summit is one of those steps in that direction.

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Richard Potter 9 Years Ago
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