Take it in turns leadership

The latest idea on leadership from the management gurus is 'take it in turns' leadership. Recognising that the heroic style of leadership – where an individual by sheer force of personality brings about change – hasn't delivered the culture change required in the public sector, the search is on for a leadership style that will.

The opposite of the 'there is only one leader' model is the 'there are lots of leaders' approach with the idea that if they share the task then they will be more effective than one individual struggling heroically against great odds.

The model has been compared to cycling where the demands on stamina and steep hill climbs require a team effort where individual riders take it in turns to lead from the front, thus giving the others a chance to rest. The formation of a group riding together but taking it in turn to lead maximises the aerodynamics, it being much easier to ride close behind a team mate benefiting from less wind resistance.

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