If there's something strange in your neighbourhood ...

The evenings are closing in and we draw ever nearer to a date that in my family was synonymous with terrifying stories, creepy goings-on, checking the cupboard was ghoul free before bed and double takes as you passed the mirror – was there someone else there? The heart thumping paranoia was exquisite.

For reasons no doubt deeply entwined with my Celtic DNA; I can’t help but look at things in a slightly different way in the run up to Halloween. So, unsurprisingly, I started seeing something in Knowledge Hub in a very different light …



You will have seen them, you mightn’t have noticed them at first, but they are there. Lurking. Quietly lurking; seemingly minding their own business, but who knows what’s behind their cold blank face?

You might know their name. Sometimes you’ll know where they come from. Not often though.

Brace yourself.


They’re the Non Faces.











The truth is they are almost certainly harmless. In fact, there’s a better chance that they are in every way wonderfully charming, full of life and absolute charisma, wit and knowledge personified.

But how would you know?


They could be this guy:













Though I’ll concede given recent KHub developments there’s just as good a chance they are this guy:


Daniel Craig wearing the blue La Perla Grigio Perla swimming trunks

photo © 2006 Sony Pictures

A girl can dream …


I guess what I am saying is it’s a good time of year to unveil the masks. We should do what we can to combat……………..

The Attack of the Non Faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Insert blood curdling scream here*

What do you think we can do to get as many of the Non Faces as possible to reveal themselves, show us their cheeky grins or serious and sage poses?

Send in your ideas of how we could as many Khubbers as possible to: Go to their home page. Hit edit profile. Upload a picture.

Only then will we finally, once and for all, obliterate the Non Faces.

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Paula Doherty 9 Years Ago
I have added a picture for the Funniest in quite the halloween style. I have put on a little weight since this was taken
Dave Stafford 9 Years Ago
Michelle, I wish you luck with this quest, it may seem funny but actually, it's a serious content issue - you are trying to establish some very basic information about your group of members, of the knowledge hub - and all you are asking for is a very, very basic set of identifiers Name / Surname / Council / Position / Photo I don't know what else you ask, maybe Phone Number, but you are NOT asking a lot - and yet, you end up with so many blanks in not just Photo, but in other identifiers as well. It's difficult - one solution, would be to make the photo "required" but then, people would just leave - they wouldn't tolerate that - so how else can you get them to post a photo? I know in my case, I haven't done so - and that's because I don't keep images of myself at work. So it becomes a bit of a chore - OK, sure, I could probably go to my personal website, and find a picture - but it might not be the best picture to post on the knowledge hub (unless you want to see me holding a guitar). Other reasons why people might not post their photo? 1) I am too busy 2) I THINK I am too busy 3) I am lazy 4) I don't have a photo of myself (this is potentially, a valid reason!) 5) I can't be bothered 6) I am very, very shy, and I hate the way I look in pictures 7) Because I believe that it's dangerous to post pictures of myself online anywhere, in case of some kind of personal data scam - it's "safer not to" 8) A combination of the above I don't think there is an easy way to get people to post a picture, I really don't - and I'd be really surprised if I ever went to a site, or participated in something, where EVERYONE had posted a photo of themselves. Invariably, too, you always get one person who posts a picture of a teddy bear, or a cartoon character, or something like that - and that I find actually more annoying then a Non-Person - because they TOOK the time to upload, but instead of taking it seriously, they are goofing around - so I do find it hard to take those people seriously. So all I can do is wish you luck - it's a classic Data Collection challenge - you would think it would be REALLY simple - what, you are trying to collect SIX or SEVEN very, very simple data elements about each member... Whoever said content was easy - it's not. You would not believe the controversy and challenges we've had here about...phone directories. What a nightmare! Michelle, you have my every sympathy. All the best... Dave :-)
Former Member 9 Years Ago
This is a great post - and you bring up a really (as you say!) serious issue. The Plague of Mystery Man is a major threat to making a community, even if it is really active and engaging, look impersonal and untrustworthy. Loving the idea of running a contest to get people to upload photos, will have to steal that idea. (but first, I have to come up with a contender for one of the categories... hmmm)
Hilary Tanner 9 Years Ago
There are no easy answers and I would avoid all photographs of myself if I could. I do like the Movember moustaches on the blank faces though. Are you going to update the image for Christmas? A bit of tinsel or a sprig of holly would jolly the place up.
Michelle Marie Rea 9 Years Ago
Now there's an idea Hilary .... watch this space! ;)
Alex Lea 9 Years Ago
I've gone all festive and used a picture of me in my home-made snowman costume at the Loughborough Santa Fun Run. Obviously I'll have to change it in the New Year....
Gillian Ritchie 9 Years Ago
This is me dressed to go to a Dwali party last year.