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The days where a local government organisation posted something online and just hoped the population would stumble across it are long gone.

The 'Field of Dreams' mentallity of 'if you build it they will come', or as those more pedantic around me often point out 'if you build it he will come', when it comes to an online presence are behind us, with a raft of channels now at our disposal to drive the population to our door.

A couple of years ago a media release posted on the Warwickshire County Council website would do well to notch up 16 visits in a day.

Nowadays hundreds of people a day are viewing our news online, and quite often we are achieving more than 1,000 views in a day.

And with the time spent on each page at around one minute and 20 seconds, we know that people are just bouncing off elsewhere (don't you just love Google Analytics!).

So what's changed?

Essentially, we are shouting and pushing our news to people, and those people then choose whether or not to click on through.

With approaching 3,000 followers on @wcc_news, more than 1,000 followers on @warksdirect, approaching 1,000 followers on @wcc_schools, and many other focussed Twitter accounts, our social media presence is growing.

Our Facebook page is still a newbie, but the likes are creeping up, and our Fire and Rescue page now has more than 300 likes.

Tags in our news articles, such as 'fire' or 'country parks' now feed specific web news pages, helping direct people back to our news from the service pages.

All of this has seen the number of visitors grow and grow.

We've just hit the first year of monitoring and we're 25% up on this time last year.

With increased community engagement, improved video and social media use the only way still appears to be up.

Exciting times ahead for local government communications!


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