It's time to realise your potential

Councillors play a vital role in representing the interests of their community. And yet trying to add to the pool of talent that has already been elected remains a challenge in local government. That's why we've re-launched our 'Be a councillor' campaign. Through our campaign, which is now in its fourth month, we hope to encourage those who've never thought about it before to be a councillor. And we also hope to involve existing councillors and political parties in doing a bit of 'talent-spotting' for some potential candidates.

Here's a short film from me where I talk about why I became a councillor and why I think it is great opportunity to get involved in making a difference to people's lives. We'll also be be running a workshop at our annual conference on Wednesday at 11.15am - 12.15pm. See our programme for full details:

LGA annual conference and exhibition 2012 website

For more information about the campaign, visit our website:


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