The Knowledge and Information Management for the Public Sector Group needs you!


The Knowledge and Information Management for the Public Sector otherwise knows as (KIMPs) has always been more of a knowledge stewarding community.  With it’s large collection of knowledge sharing tools and techniques.

We have been slowly building over the last few years what can only be described and loosely as a Public Sector Knowledge Sharing Toolkit, which takes examples of knowledge sharing techniques used across the public sector and sometimes from further afield.and putting it in to one place for everyone to use.

But knowledge sharing is only one part of the groups remit.  And this is where the group needs your help. 

  • Are you an Information Management person working in the public sector?
  • Do you have some time to bring the information management people together to share what they are doing and promote the learning that they can provide?
  • Do you have any challenges that you would like to share with other’s but don’t know where to go or start?


If you can answer any of these questions, we are looking for a few people to help facilitate the Information Mangement side of the group.

And if you’re just interested in helping out in some capacity.  Please let me know.

Michael Norton

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Former Member 9 Years Ago
Interesting ... Here at Bristol Council we're looking at information governance. How can we manage our information better to get more value from it, improve our services and stimulate the local economy? When I look for people working on this in the public sector most often I get responses about IT and/or information security and compliance. Both important topics! But is anyone looking at issues of information Information ownership Master data governance Information for strategic commissioning Business Intelligence needs & demand modelling Open data exploitation Any CIOs (as opposed to CTOs) out there? Get in touch! Rob Scott
Michael Norton 9 Years Ago
Cheers Rob. I have just put a shout out to the Knowledge and Information Management Community to see if anyone is looking at those topics.
Former Member 7 Years Ago
HI there, just like Rob at Bristol Council, Nottingham City Council is looking for a Local Authority who has implemented Information Management programme and has realised the benefits of it. Not from an IT perspective but from information ownership, embedding an information to be seen as an asset culture, governance, data quality, business intelligence e.t.c. If any authority has implemented such a programme, we would appreciate if they could share their IM approach with us.