iNetwork Funded “Lean” Training Programme

The iNetwork Lean Learning Programme is a tool that enables managers to identify the scope of different roles across a variety of services areas in the organisation; the programme provides individuals with appropriate knowledge and understanding of systems and processes so they can improve their daily working tasks; which provides opportunities to learn new skills and techniques as well as practical experience.

The earlier BIT programme of training in the North West and has recorded significant successes, over 2000 people in total have attended the training and achieved the qualification with efficiency savings identified by organisations now in the region of a collective £3 million +

Once officers are trained they are able to apply their new skills to other processes, developing a culture of continuous improvement throughout the organisation and making a real difference to the service that customers receive.

An additional benefit of this programme will be helping your organisation to make lasting improvements to your services whilst saving money and building internal capability.

Your involvement is also a way of demonstrating your commitment to staff development. One of the key benefits of the programme is its flexibility. The assessors will plan the programme with you and your teams to take account of individual and organisational needs.

? The programme is delivered in a bespoke manner in the candidate’s place of work over a period of 10/12 months.

? The programme will consist of approximately 8-10 days of activity covering a period of up to a year.

? These activities will be arranged to fit in with candidates business requirements.

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