Example of a ward based report on child obesity using LG Inform Plus

As part of the Health and Wellbeing System Improvement Programme we will, using LG Inform Plus, provide a number of ward level reports based on measures relevant to outcomes and wider determinants of health and wellbeing. A report focused on Child Obesity has been developed to provide an early example of what LG Inform Plus can provide – select your area from the drop down list to see a report on your chosen area. Further reports focused on health and wellbeing themes will be made available over the next few months, and will be open to anyone accessing LG Inform Plus. Subscribers will be able to copy and adapt any published reports for their own use, or create their own using the measures available.

Further reports based on local authority geography and incorporating measures from the Public Health Outcomes Framework and a range of other sources will be developed in LG Inform over the next few months.

For further information about health and wellbeing reports and data in LG Inform and LG Inform Plus, or to give us your thoughts on topics you would like to see covered, please contact Philippa.lynch@local.gov.uk

LG Inform Plus gives you easy access to published data about your local ward and other small areas. Complementing the LGA’s benchmarking data service LG Inform, the service gives subscribers the power to drill down from authority wide information to much smaller areas. It provides the detailed performance and locality data needed to help you make the right decisions about your services and places.

To find out more about LG Inform Plus, including our low subscription rates, at: www.local.gov.uk/about-lginformplus

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