LG Inform - John Gittoes and metrics


Thank you for your time today John to discuss your role with LG Inform and metrics


Q What is your role within the LG Inform team?

I work on the metrics library which is the database behind LG Inform. Some metrics are automatically uploaded in to LG Inform such as population statistics from the Office for National Statistics and Nomis labour market statistics. However there are many which are manually uploaded and it is my role to check these when they are released and upload them into the database. I check the data that has been released and also the last two periods of data to see if it has been updated or changed at all. This involves checking the accuracy of the data, period and decimal places amongst other things.

Q How often is the data updated in LG Inform?

Data is being updated constantly in LG Inform. Some data sets are monthly such as ‘Delayed transfers of care from hospital which are attributable to adult social care per 100,000 population in England’ and some yearly such as ‘Care leavers in suitable accommodation in England

A list of the most recently updated metrics can be found on the Knowledge hub.

Q What should people do if they want a new metric in LG Inform?

If you could share your ideas on new metrics on the Knowledge hub so we can see how many people would be interested in the new metrics and then we can discuss with users which ones we can upload.

Q Are there any plans to release a list of when data will be updated in LG Inform?

We are planning to put together a diary of when data sets will be uploaded; we will be working on this over the next few months and will share this through this group.


Many thanks John, now after a long day of checking data which do you reach for Jack Daniels or cold beer?

Definitely a large Jack Daniels Old Fashioned….

And what are you watching to relax after a day of uploading?

The Tunnel

Thank you John, and todays interesting fact is that just seven years ago Apple introduced Apple iPhone which epitomized the next generation of mobile phone devices, and to date have sold over 421 million iPhones!

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