Presenting performance to the public — Laria Annual Conference 2013

I'm co-presenting a workshop on how Coventry City Council is presenting performance information to the public at the Laria Annual Conference 2013 on Monday, 13th May at 1pm.  If you have ideas to share, we would love to see you at the workshop!

In the meantime, you can find out more about Coventry City Council's progress towards its vision and objectives at

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Neil Bendel 7 Years Ago
Many thanks for your interesting presentation at the LARIA conference. I am interested in any work that people may have done in terms of summarising performance at a partnership (rather than individual organisation) level. In Manchester, I have been leading on some work to develop an outcomes framework for the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy. If anyone has any examples of similar work in other local areas, I'd be interested in knowing about it. Neil
Si Chun Lam 7 Years Ago
Hi Neil, thank you for your comment. We have used a similar approach for our reports towards the Coventry Partnership's Sustainable Community Strategy reports, for instance, this report to the Partnership's Economy, Learning, Skills and Employability group in March 2013 , that summarises the Partnership and the LEP's work towards the priority, creating growth, jobs and enterprise. At the moment we are trying to use a similar approach for our Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy and are in consultation with our colleagues in Public Health to do so -- so we would also be very interested to hear how other local areas have done so. Si Chun