ODUG calls for views on the future of PAF

The Open Data User Group (ODUG) is inviting views that in the event of the Royal Mail being privatised the Postcode Address File should not be placed into private ownership http://data.gov.uk/blog/odug-progress-on-a-national-address-dataset.

In November ODUG published a paper on the case for an open national address dataset http://data.gov.uk/library/the-case-for-an-open-national-address-dataset-november-2012-0. While ODUG is working to improve a detailed benefits case for the release of a National Address Dataset as Open Data under an Open Government License, ODUG published now a short paper to capture international examples which illustrate some very good reasons why national addressing data – a natural monopoly – should be owned and maintained as a public asset – to ensure its reliability and availability for all to use.

Please, comment directly on the future of PAF on  http://data.gov.uk/blog/odug-progress-on-a-national-address-dataset.

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