Bounce- back ability


I don’t recommend getting the sack as a way to advance your career. But if you have never failed, never been out of step with colleagues and never refused to compromise then you probably don’t have what it takes to get to the top. Of course being seen as opinionated, abrasive and intolerant of those less able and less committed than yourself will not endear you to your colleagues. Whether you are sidelined as an awkward personality or ear marked as a rising star will depend on your ability to carry the staff with you and get the job done.

In the current climate where senior managers are treated like football managers and organisations are judge on their position in a league table you will inevitably be faced with an ambitious set of performance indicators, expected to deliver efficiencies and find new sources of income. Sometimes you will be able to deliver on these demanding expectations but inevitably you will fail at some point. How you deal with these setbacks will determine how far you go. Rising stars need bounce back ability.

Remember every management star who makes it to the top has been sacked at least once in their career.

Blair McPherson author of UnLearning management and Equipping managers for an uncertain future both published by Russell House follow Blair on Twitter @blairmcpherson1



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