Last Week (WE 27/1)

Last week was a bit less hectic but some interesting bits and pieces.


Monday was spent clearing up emails etc. and to try to catch up on some things that had slipped. Many of you responded to the request for those interested in a collective procurement for Marine Data. This has been taken up by Dave Tulett and I collated the responses that I had received and passed these on with contact details. The Data Supply Agreement for the supply of OSG data to Ordnance Survey took up a fair bit of time to interpret the lawyers wording on what we thought have been agreed and there are still things outstanding.


On Tuesday Alan Moore and I had our fortnightly catch-up meeting about OSG and general progress, followed by the weekly conference call with Ordnance Survey and Geoplace. It seems that the closer that we get to eliminating the errors, the more little niggling ones, seem to appear. These are largely trivial but we do have a bit of an issue with classifications as the AddressBase specification means that we must have a classification. We agreed to think about this ourselves. In the afternoon Karen and I spent some time trying to get the OSG CRM (we share this with FVGIS) up to date.


We had a meeting on Wednesday to try to come up with a work round for the classification issue and thought that we had found a solution. However, we spoke with GeoPlace and it seemed that we had a bit more thinking to do. We have a solution which we need to consult with Connect as to how best to implement it. This will allow us to populate the classification table in the OSG but we will need to work out with council custodians how to populate this with more useful data. More to follow.


Following the successful use of OSG web services for domestic Energy Performance Certificates with had another meeting the the Energy Savings Trust and their ICT providers to take the project to create a single register for all EPCs, both domestic and commercial. This is not without its challenges – referencing certificates against the OSG is not going to be straightforward.


Friday was the second meeting of the Spatial Information Board. This was a positive meeting with more senior management representation than the previous meeting. There was a presentation from Ordnance Survey, supported by Colin Mair (our Chief Executive and member of the Public Sector Reform Board), which demonstrated how the use of spatially enabled management information was necessary if Scotland is going to successfully deliver the reforms determined by the Christie Commission. This is going to raise the profile of what we do and could have a marked influence in the future direction of the OSMA.

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Roger Garbett 9 Years Ago
Hi Iain, does the Spatial Information Board produce agendas / minutes and are these generally accessable? Many thanks
Iain McKay 9 Years Ago
They should be but I can't find the ones for the first meeting in September. If you look in you will see the Geography Steering Group agenda, minutes etc and I would assume that the SIB papers will be posted in here. I will try to find out and post it back. Iain
Colin Morrison 9 Years Ago
Hi Roger, Iain is correct - minutes from the SIB meetings willl be posted on the SG website alongside the previous GSG material. I'll put a post on the forum when these are up. Cheers, Colin