Let's improve internal collaboration together

In my earlier post, I outlined the importance of considering social value in everything we do on Knowledge Hub.
I'm going to keep this short as I want to make it clear what KHub is all about.
Everyone (and I mean everyone) can come and join KHub for free. Please spread the word!
Groups that are open or restricted are free (we will continue charging for private groups.) We still want all groups to contribute to improving public services so if you request a new one, we will continue to drop you a line to talk this through. This means you can make the most out of Knowledge Hub.
Secondly we're all about improving how we work better together and utilise digital channels more effectively. We want everyone to collaborate productively internally and externally. So, first off, we're inviting councils to co-create a service with us that will revolutionise internal communications and make an intranet/extranet available to all councils with zero running cost.
Get in touch to be part of the pilot project.
To find out more about our mission and preview our new brand see GoKHub.net oremail knowledgehub@capacitygrid.com

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Jason Fahy 6 Years Ago
Starting with Councils, but pretty soon extending the revolution right across the public sector, including education and not for profit organisations.
Ann Willacy 6 Years Ago
We have some short taster e-learning courses too, they are Crown copyright and if anyone is intersted in having a quick go at using them to see if online learning is useful for their groups they could easily be slotted in to groups using the wiki page. Although designed for education professionals they have some generic themes such as 'holding difficult conversations' and 'applications and interviews'. Even if they needed adapting its easier to start with something rather than a blank page. I would be happy to help anyone in public sector wanting to get started with this. :-)
Chris Faires 6 Years Ago
Thanks Sarah. Your post has prompted me to ask our comms team to promote the khub within Herts CC. Something i struggled to do this week was find my equivalent in certain councils- is this a development that could be possible? Happy to know more about what is the new pilot project and to help out if possible.
Jason Fahy 6 Years Ago
Sounds great Ann!