Best by West Midlands whitepaper on social media

I hope Dan and Darren of Walsall Council and comms2point0 don't mind me paraphrasing some of their content to talk about the excellent whitepaper they've produced on social media in local government for Improvement Efficiency West Midlands (IEWM).

I had the honour of popping along to the launch of the paper at West Bromich's inspirational The Public building and was treated to a rapid fire display of just some of the excellent case studies crammed into the document.

Best by West Midlands includes:

You can download a copy right here. Or browse the blog from the homepage here: 

Something that piqued my interest in particular was the IEWM New Ideas Fund, a pot of funding, with a up to £5000 per project available, which can be used for the development of ideas generated through the region’s social media activities.

The paper, the case studies and the commitment of all involved, not least from Dan and Darren. underlines that we should not be looking to the captial to find all that is innovative in social media and local government - it's an undeniable fact that some of the sector's best social media use is in the regions.

Perhaps it's time for me to start looking at a daily Clapham to Brum commute ...

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