New Year’s resolution competition – Becoming a better sharer in 2013…


A new year means new beginnings. January is the month when people make commitments to change something for the better. It may be a chance to start a new diet, give up smoking or pick up a new hobby to expand your horizons. But why not try something a little different for 2013? Why don’t you use this clean slate to become a better knowledge sharer? Picking up a good habit is so much easier than dropping a bad one and it's something that’ll help you and your colleagues throughout the year…it seems like a win-win situation.  
Studies have shown that it takes 21-28 days to pick up a new habit. So we thought it would be a great idea to have a little competition to see who could share the most local government knowledge in the month of January. We’re sure by the end you’ll all be knowledge-sharing experts and have lots of fun on the journey. 
The aim of the game is simple… to get the most points in the month of January by doing one of these sharing activities:
5 points: post a blog. 
4 points: share something on Knowledge Hub…reply to a forum thread, upload a document etc. 
3 points: share a piece of knowledge in person with someone outside your team.
2 points: tweet some useful information.
1 point:   email colleagues with work related material.   
Keep track of your score at the end of every week by using the document below.
3…2…1…Go! Let the 2013 knowledge sharing race begin...
Good luck everyone and we will be posting a weekly leader board so stay tuned to see if your name will be up in lights next week.  
The first leader board will be posted on Monday 9th January.
Happy New Year from the Knowledge Hub team...

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