Social Media Week online discussion on 28th Sept-get involved!

So Social Media Week is just around the corner and hopefully as many of you as possible will be tweeting on the 27th of September using the hashtag #OurDay. Sian Morgan has written a blog in case you’ve missed it which explains what that’s all about.

As a follow up, on the 28th there will be an online discussion here on Knowledge Hub between 11am-1pm which will mark the end of Social Media Week and will be an opportunity for us all to share our thoughts on the “good use” (and indeed what that would like) of social media by local government.

We all know that used correctly, social media is a powerful tool for those in local leadership roles, helping to drive cultural, political, economic and social change and this is reflected in the week’s theme of ‘Empowering Change through Collaboration’.

The LGA is committed to supporting local government colleagues in realising the full potential of social media and our aims for the week are:

  • debunking myths around the use of social media
  • advocating its use as an engagement tool for local leaders to engage with their peers and communities
  • demonstrating the benefits of empowering staff at all levels across the council to employ social media within their role

Please use the 28th of September as an opportunity to have your say on what you have found works, what you would like support with and what the next steps should be to further enhance the best use of social media by local government.

You will need to be signed into Knowledge Hub to take part in the discussion but registration should only take a few minutes if you haven’t signed in before and you can always get in touch with me if you are having any troubles.

Looking forward to a very lively discussion!

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