CAN YOU HELP? - Research on Organisational Design and Culture

Dear all,
I am currently doing some research on Organisational Design and Culture, and its impact on Local Economic Growth. Can you help me in answering some of these questions?
1. Does your organisation have a vision about its Culture? Which are the words that best describe this cultural vision?
2. What are your organisation’s biggest workforce challenges during multi-sector and multi-organisational transformational change initiatives?
3. How does the size and design of your organisation help (or hinder) in the current economic climate?
4.What impact does working in partnership with other sectors, such as the Public and Private Sectors, have on your Organisational Culture and Organisational Design?
5. What role does the Public Sector play in local Economic Growth?
I look forward to your comments and hopefully it can help trigger some interesting discussions.

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Sarah Jennings 5 Years Ago
Sounds really interesting Heidi. Will you be publishing the outputs? Best, Sarah
Heidi De Wolf 5 Years Ago
Hi Sarah, I want to translate my findings into a White Paper or other Research Paper. I have thus far met with a number of different sectors, including the Private and Voluntary Sector in the hope to 'distill' some helpful strategies. I look forward to some responses from KHub members to add to the research. Fingers crossed! Heidi