Tomorrow's world

I have seen the future. It is Florida. It is not Miami or Orlando. It's palm trees, white sandy beaches and the crazy golf of the costal communities.The future is full of old people. Happy hour , 5 till 7, is people in their 70s and 80s sitting on bar stools drinking cocktails. In the future no one cooks it is cheaper and easier to eat out or get a takeaway way. In the future no one walks. In the future there is only  semi retirement old people work in supermarkets, but not on the tills, they work in hair salons, but not in nail bars, they work in information centres at the mall, they work in the post office and they are very good with elderly customers. They don't work in restaurants or behind the bar. They do work in the many coffee shops. 
Every where conversations are loud , is it the alcohol, the hearing impairment or just custom and habit? People drink and drive but don't go more than a couple of blocks and only drive at 25 miles an hour. They are happy to stop for pedestrians to cross the road. They are not in a hurry.
The adverts on all channels are about health care insurance, alzheimer's disease , hearing loss , diabetes and a cure for conditions you didn't know existed. Just ask your physician for a prescription. Not suitable for pregnant women, anyone with high blood pressure or a history of an existing heart conditions, side effects may include, nausea, headaches, muscle pain, incontinence constipation, dizziness and breathing difficulties.
They come to avoid the cold winters and grey skies yet despite the sun they prefer to sit inside.  They don't smoke , have their own teeth and dress for comfort. They eat big meals preferring quantity over quality yet the majority are not obese. May be they only eat once a day! They live in retirement communities or neglected single storey wooden houses on shady boulevards or dust side roads. 
Well the ones we see do. I don't know where the nursing homes are hidden or the very old and poor live.
Blair McPherson www.blairmcpherson
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Former Member 7 Years Ago
Fascinating read about Florida where I used to go to visit my grandparents in the 70s. Even then, I found it strange that restaurant dishes were labelled with their cholesterol and content but people drank soda for breakfast.