The new Voluntary Sector Health and Care website has launched!

A new website was launched on Friday 18 October, to support the Voluntary Sector Health and Care Strategic Partnership. The website allows the Strategic Partners to showcase the work that each of them undertake in their valuable role in improving health and wellbeing.

The Strategic Partners programme, with 21 national voluntary sector organisations and affiliates as members, develops and builds strong and productive partnerships across the new systems, working closely with the Department of Health, NHS England and Public Health England. The Voluntary Sector Strategic Partner Programme has been running for four years and brings together a range of voluntary sector organisations to use their expertise to inform and shape national policy in health and social care. It is estimated that through these partners, over 300,000 organisations across the voluntary sector can be reached.

The website is a great place for you to find contact details for VCS organisations, enable you ot engage with them, collaborate and help you in decision-making locally.

The website is hosted by the UK Health Forum – a member of the Strategic Partnership.

The URL:



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