Knowledge Hub photo competition - take part now!


 Michelle Rea from the Knowledge Hub Team last week posted a blog calling for suggestions on how to battle the attack of the Non Faces.

You know, these guys:







 We think we may have come up with the answer ….. but we need your help!

Today we are launching our Knowledge Hub profile picture competition!

The competition

There are five categories:

  • Funniest picture
  • Best location
  • Best accessories
  • Best caricature/cartoon
  • Best picture from a previous Non Face

We want as many Knowledge Hub users as possible to nominate themselves or other users they have come across in any of the above categories.

How to enter

Simply upload your new profile photo and add a comment to this thread in the Welcome to Knowledge Hub group, with the link to your profile page (or another user’s profile page if you’re nominating someone else), including what category you are nominating it for and if this is the first time you (or the other user) has had a Knowledge Hub profile picture.

The Knowledge Hub team will then create a shortlist and all Knowledge Hub members can vote for their final favourite in each category.

If you need some support uploading a profile photo, check out our help section for more info.

The prize

There will be a very special prize for each category winner ……

The closing date

Deadline for submission is Friday 16 November at 5pm.

We’re looking forward to seeing your pics!

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Former Member 8 Years Ago
Me, myself and eye .
Michael MacAuley 8 Years Ago
Nice one Peter. Keeping the olympic spirit alive!