Access to web and social media at work- things a bit old fashioned in your organisation?

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Registration for Social Media Week events starts tomorrow and Glasgow’s schedule is bursting with amazing sessions including one I’ve organised with Ian Watson, Michelle Drumm and Lesley Thomson called Who's Leading? A panel discussion on access to social media in the workplace' being held on the evening of Monday September 24th at Strathclyde University.

The purpose of the event is to start a discussion about why certain websites are blocked in workplaces, namely social media sites that allow people to share information, knowledge and to collaborate and to find out who is leading, not just within organisations but overall. Increasingly the benefits of interacting, engaging and learning inside workplaces via web and social media are being realised and blocks to access are being relaxed but there’s still a long way to go up here in Scotland, especially in local government.

So what’s the problem? Why are people prevented from using their organisation’s equipment and networks to watch instructional videos on Vimeo or share stacks in Delicious or, dare I say it, remotely attend conferences during work time on Twitter? The learning and collaboration opportunities that are missed are immense.

We’d like to get as much input into this discussion as possible and we’d like to start connecting people in and around Scotland’s public services in the Scottish Public Sector Digital Group who want to

  • help progress the use of digital tools in councils
  • collect evidence for strong business cases for use of social media for professional development and public interaction
  • start collaborating on writing and delivering briefings/seminars/training by public sector people for public sector people in Scotland
  • share reporting, measuring and monitoring tools and information
  • campaign for risk awareness, not risk aversion
  • generally create a united front and strong knowledge hub for use of digital tools in Scottish public services

In addition to starting forums in the Scottish Public Sector Digital Group for discussion about social media and web access, best practice sharing, knowledge sharing, etc we will be using #SMWWhoLeads on Twitter to collect questions and stories for discussion at Who’s Leading? Please take part. Join the Scottish Public Sector Digital Group, use #SMWWhoLeads and register for the discussion panel in Glasgow on September 24th. I hope to see you online and in person soon!

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