Getting the story straight: on the wedding wind-down

I am well and truly back to earth with a jetlagged hazy bump this week after a fantastic three weeks off for my honeymoon. As negotiated with the o/h, facebooking, tweeting and all other social mediaing was kept to an absolute minimum – and I must admit it felt more than a little liberating - it was fantastic to be in our own little world for a few weeks.

However, being in our own little world meant that when we were having nostalgic “the big day” chats over criminally large plates of food (we went on west coast of USA road trip and laughed in the face of portion control) we only had each other’s memories to go by. We’ve only been back 48 hours and have been amazed by the number of different stories told to us by friends and family about their favourite bits of the day – I had no idea half of these things had happened!

Going through my emails yesterday I noticed an invite to the Knowledge Innovation Network’s (KIN) autumn workshop which is exploring story telling and narrative techniques in knowledge sharing. It struck me that whilst those who shared their wedding stories with me did not have knowledge sharing as their primary motivation per se, their tacit knowledge of all the other little things that happened over the course of the day provided much more context and helped to explain subtleties of the day which now make more sense.*

The effectiveness of storytelling as a knowledge sharing tool must be to do with the emotional response it can generate. Put simply we are bound to be more receptive to hearing or reading something with a real life context, something that we can relate to or more importantly care or feel passionate about.

I’m arranging a few catch ups later this week with other friends to hear some more wedding day stories – all strictly in the name of knowledge sharing you know! ;)

*To save others’ blushes I will avoid details!

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Liz Copeland 9 Years Ago
Michelle, this rings true with me too! I had the same experience after a friend's wedding last year. She and I were discussing the day and she said it was so lovely afterwards to get a fuller and richer picture of everything that had happened after listening to everyone else's memories of the day. There's definitely a lesson in there for all of us knowledge sharers! You always get a fuller view on things if you share learning with each other than if you keep it to yourself.