Our 'GeniUS! York' Creative Councils concept is nominated for a Global Award!!

Team York are bursting with excitement this week with the announcement that we might be given the opportunity to scale out our 'GeniUS York!' Creative Councils project globally through the 'Living Labs Global Awards initiative!!' woop woop :O)

After being alerted by Kersten England, CEO of York council via a twitter link of the fact that there was a digital platform looking to match innovative solutions with city-wide problems across the globe, we had a look and found that out of the 21 cities listed, Cape Town was the city who’s challenge best matched the ‘GeniUS York!’ project, which we have been piloting over the last 8 months here in York through the Creative Councils initiative. 

So in February, in the spirit of entrepreneurialism, we submitted a proposal on the citymart.com web platform, to offer try our idea in Cape Town, to see if it could assist them in developing an innovation ecosystem between their business community, residents and the Local authority, as we are currently doing in York.

This week we were delighted to hear that our proposal had been nominated for a Living Labs Global Award, in addition to being shortlisted in the finals as one of five projects in the running for the Cape Town category.  If we win the award, we will be paid by Cape Town to pilot our idea there as Cape GeniUS! 

As part of the process going forward, we have been invited to a global summit, to work with  the city leaders of the 21 Living Labs Global Award partner cities as well as 150 experts and pioneering business leaders from around the world and to deliver the innovative solutions for our future societies.  As part of this summit, some of the GeniUS York team are to present our project to these experts and really aim to put York on the map as a world wide centre of excellence for Innovation and creativity. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for York to celebrate the hard work and development of the city’s new approach to innovation, and to showcase the successes we have had over the last 8 months through the GeniUS York Creative Councils initiative.  Through punching above our weight, we are achieving both national and now global recognition for the innovative way York is collectively solving medium to long term challenges through working together as a city. 

We are thrilled to be able to share our learning with other cities across the globe and to connect with them, to drive the innovation agenda using practical solutions and to learn together how best to address the ever changing difficulties cities face.

York will find out if they are overall winners, at the award ceremony on the 2nd May, at the LLGA summit in Rio de Janero. We obviously have fingers and everything crossed for that!

Many thanks to NESTA and LGA for helping us get to this stage - it has been a very exciting project so far.



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Former Member 7 Years Ago
Hi Heather this excellent news and I was so pleased to learn about it more yesterday at your Innovation workshop. I think I have worked out why I had not spotted this blog from you earlier.... it does not appear in the Creative Councils activity or hub folders to indicate you have blogged. So I only found it just now by searching your personal profile Would it be a good idea to add it to the group? Cheers for now Mike
Heather Niven 7 Years Ago
Hi Mike, Thanks for this! I have added the Creative Councils tag and hopefully it will now show up in the group. Not sure if I have to do anything else to get it in there. Fingers crossed that has worked! Best Heather
Former Member 7 Years Ago
Hi Heather it has worked !!