Do you still use a cassette tape or phonograph?

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This is my last blog post to Communities of Practice. The site will soon become obsolete (31st March 2012); I am sad that the CoP site is coming to an end but I'm also excited about the brand new Knowledge Hub

The Information Graphics and Visualisation Community is migrating to the Knowledge Hub this weekend; thank you to Mike Macauley and his colleagues for creating the Hub and for their help with the migration.

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Last year I discovered Jung Von Matt's Museum of Obsolete Objects on youtube, a video archive of obsolete objects; I still own and use many of the items in the Museum such as the phonograph, polaroid camera and radio receiver. I received a wind up Gramophone for my Birthday which I love, not only because it's old and beautiful but I also have a reason to collect old 78s!

Thank you to all those who have contributed to the Information Graphics & Visualisation Community on CoP and I hope to see you on the other side at the Knowledge Hub. 

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Michael MacAuley 8 Years Ago
Hey Richard Great post and thanks for the support and encouraging words. Interestingly I can see that you have posted text copied from CoP. That's why it looks a bit broken! Your group and about 15 others are due to move tomorrow (and yes I'm officially working every weekend until the end of March). You guys are the first to move. Can't wait to get this wagon train moving! Mike