CSR Plus Toolkit - The Launch!

The launch!

I am delighted to let you know that the CSR+ toolkit is now available on www.csrplustoolkit.com

The toolkit was launched at the LGA Annual Conference held in Bournemouth last week. It is an interactive e-brochure designed to give local government councillors and officers the tools they need to promote localised corporate social responsibility to businesses. It consists of the following three parts:

  1. A business case which can be shared with local businesses outlining the proven business advantages of CSR, with a strong focus on CSR as an investment rather than a gift or philanthropic gesture.
  2. Innovative approaches for local authroities to build networks and engage with businesses to promote localised CSR
  3. Successful case studies of localised CSR in the UK, USA and Europe  

I would like to say a very sincere thank you to all who have contributed to the development of the CSR plus toolkit. I am really grateful to the businesses and community organisations that opened their doors to me and shared their valuable experiences and insights. Also, a huge thank you to Leeds City Council, the Local Government Association and the Bruce Lockhart Scholarship which enabled this project to take place. Finally to my lovely husband, Crispin who has been incredibly supportive throughout my very busy year as the winner of the Local Government Challenge 2013.

Lastly, huge congratulations to this year's very deserving winner of the Local Government Challenge 2014 Graeme Kane; I look forward to reading all about his adventures as he blogs about his exciting project Community Connect!

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