My First Co-location Day

Working with Swindon Borough Council

Having joined the TFA team 6 weeks ago (feels more like 2!) I had my first full co-location day earlier this week. The lucky council was Swindon Borough. Having a meeting booked in with them in the afternoon I originally asked if I could hot desk with them for the morning. The people I met were amazingly friendly and accommodating (so accommodating in fact that I have been offered my own building pass for working more closely with them in the future). These included a wide range of people from drainage engineers to senior management. I got told about everything from individual projects to the key drivers for Swindon, and how they saw the council developing over the coming years; all from a range of perspectives.


It was an excellent day, and the people I met and their directness about their roles and priorities has really helped me understand the local situation, and start to piece together where the TFA team can fit in, and how we can help them in the future. I’m sure it will take many more similar days before we have a settled working arrangement, but this week was an excellent start, and their openness and enthusiasm for working together was encouraging.

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