Top Four Careers For Financial Buffs

The financial service sector is continuously expanding with various sub-industries for the aspiring titan of industry. Understanding which options are available is an excellent foundation to start your career. Today, we will cover four of the most popular jobs for finance buffs, let’s get started.

  1. Investment Banking

In the financial sector, investment banking is one of the most rewarding, yet strenuous careers. In an Investment banking career, professionals oversee the acquisition of financial securities for potential investors to purchase and trade.

Education requirements for entry-level analyst positions require a bachelor’s degree, while associate and executive positions require graduate degrees in business administration but degrees in economics, accounting, and law are beneficial as well.

Within their first year, analysts can expect a salary of approximately $70k-$150k  to $120k-$350k by the end of their third year. Associates salary ranges anywhere between $150k-500k in their first three years, while executives can make somewhere between $350K-$1.5M and beyond.


  1. Account Manager

A career as an account manager is far more than numbers and spreadsheets. Essentially, account managers duties include ensuring that all financial records are accurate and assessing financial operations for efficiency and growth in their respective companies.

Most employers require account manager candidates to have at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting with certifications in specialized fields but candidates with graduate degrees are currently in high demand.

Salary and compensation for account managers range around $62K for candidates with bachelor degrees, while the median salary for a candidate with a graduate’s degree ranges from $79K to $129K.


  1. Venture Capitalist Professionals

Venture capitalists are the professional risk takers and investors of the financial sector, who search for opportunities to provide capital for startup ventures or give financial support to small companies that wish to grow but don’t have access to the required equity.

Although some of the most successful and influential venture capitalists come from an entrepreneurial background, most venture capitalist have a bachelor’s degree, some have MBA's, while others have no formal education whatsoever.

Success in venture capitalism requires reading and understanding business plans, being able to intimately understand and gauge the markets and various industries they fund, and steadfast leadership capabilities.

Salary and compensation can vary greatly but venture capitalist associates can usually expect an annual salary of $80K to $130k with bonuses based off a percentage of their salary.  

  1. Crowdfunding Consultant

Since 2010, crowdfunding has been an excellent method for potential businesses, governments, and projects to raise capital through online contributions vs. through traditional financial institutions. To give you an idea of how vital this role is the financial sector, in 2015 alone, successful crowdfunding campaigns generated over $34.4 Billion, compared to $880 Million in 2010.

Professional crowdfunding consultants are essentially strategists and marketing specialists behind the scenes of successful crowdfunding campaigns. Although a formal education isn’t required, some of the most successful crowdfunding consultants have degrees in advertising or business management. Since most of this career is freelance, earnings vary from project to project, but there is massive earning potential for the savvy consultant.

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