Are you preparing for the ISO standard for Knowledge Management?

Knowledge Management has been seen by some in the past a thing that other people do or something that technology can solve.  Organisations that have gone down this route probably have failed to implement this way of working having probably failed to develop a way that promotes and enables value creation through shared knowledge.

Some have probably said that this is a fad, we don’t have time to share what we know.  We are too busy.

That will change soon.  If Knowledge Management was not on your agenda it soon will be.

“The ISO 30401 Knowledge management systems will be published in 2018. If ‘systems’ makes you think of technology, please think again. ISO 30401 is a management systems standard, like ISO 9001 Quality management systems”. Judy Payne


Where can I find out more?

First of all, you can read the draft standard by registering (free) on the BSI website, then search for ISO 30401. You can also comment on the draft.

This will give you a better understanding of the draft.

For me, the guiding principles are key from the standard.  And follow along with the ways that I have focused on KM with the people side and that there is no one solution that fits all organisations.


So, are you ready to start thinking about what you could do?

Luckily, we have one of the ISO Working Group members who help develop the draft standard leading the KM in Projects Community on the Knowledge Hub. 

You can read Judy’s detailed blog called The ISO standard is coming

As part of this group, we are looking to discuss the standard and draw on the experience and expertise of the members.

As a member of the KM in projects group. I’m going to be looking at the collaboration and community aspect of the standard to see what I can help with as well as the Knowledge Hub as a collaboration platform.

And the other key members of the group will be bringing their numerous years of experience to the table.

Our first discussion on the ISO has started and asks “What excites you about the draft KM standard? What concerns you?

If you’re interested in joining the discussion and feel that you can also bring something to the table.  Please join us.





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