Back to school

Back to school

At the end of September this year I went back into full time education after a very long time. I've been lucky enough to get the opportunity to undertake a masters degree in information security at Royal Holloway (University of London). I'm attempting to do this in one year. At 61 I was worried about my ability to learn new tricks, in fact whether I could learn at all! Well after one term I'm now resting the brain and absorbing the tidal wave of information that came at me. (Would have said tsunami but couldn't remember how to spell it) It's been a very enjoyable and illuminating experience. Yes I've learnt a huge amount about cryptography, security management, technologies and business architecture, but probably the biggest personal learning point is that for the last few years I've been intellectually coasting. Obviously following a hopefully successful year I'm hoping to make use of my new found knowledge, in conjunction with my previous experience, to assist others in the local government space. That's not the important thing, the personal challenge is.

It's great being a student again and a whole different experience from my first degree 40 years ago! Yes I look like everyone's granddad, but that has its upside too!

If your thinking of a New Year resolution, treat yourself and try that course you've been thinking about. Never mind the gym subscription that languishes unused by February (always does in my case anyway) but exercise the little grey cells and do that course you've been thinking about, whether related to the day job or not.

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