Matrix Management in Project Delivery

I  currently work in Transformations  Making Tax Digital for Business project delivery team where we operate a matrix management system for all of our SO, HO an O grades. It is a fairly new concept in the team but it works really well.

So what is the definition of matrix management?

A structure where employees have dual reporting relationships - generally a work manager and a HR Manager.

I am their HR manager and currently have 23 staff under my management. I look after all aspects of HR including performance, attendance, learning and development.

One of the key advantages of operating this way enables Senior Project Manager's to focus on delivery rather than management which is often not their area of expertise. Additionally staff have a dedicated manager taking care of the HR side of things including their learning and development which can often get overlooked in a delivery environment.

Some people might think that having two managers would cause conflict but as long as the communication is right between the work and HR manager then it is very effective.

I remotely manage most of the team and am sure The Knowledge Hub will be a fantastic tool in  help us all to access a wide variety of learning and link to other members of the profession and share ideas and best practice.

I would be interested to link up to others who operate a matrix management system and find out how it works for them.

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Sarnjit Mitha 2 Years Ago

Thanks and welcome to our Group Amanda.  This is an interesting style of approach, the opportunity to learn and build capabilities by having 2 Managers is in fact a really smart way to learn and develop two-fold, and the benefits are three-fold.  It would be good to hear your team members views too.

Colin Tweddle 2 Years Ago

Cards on the table - I've always found matrix management to create as many problems as it solves, especially in a project setting.  But if it's working for you and MTDB, that's great.  One problem I usually find is a decreased sense of ownership(manager)/belonging(staff) following on from the lack of LM responsibility - is that something you've noticed?

Amanda Cadas 2 Years ago in reply to Colin Tweddle .

Not really but regular communication with them is a huge part of my role -  I think the biggest challenge is remote managing staff particularly when they are experiencing difficulties with either work or in their personal life. The work managers do play a critical role in maintaining a level of belonging and my relationship with them is also key in managing the team.