10,000 members of the public living or working in Scotland have now set up a myaccount

There’s lots going on in Scotland and not just the opening of the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

A small but nevertheless significant milestone has been reached: 10,000 members of the public living or working in Scotland have now set up a myaccount.

myaccount provides a secure and easy way for members of the public to access public services online, including by using just one username and password, if they choose.

This milestone has been reached after the new myaccount service’s soft launch in April 2014. The soft launch coincided with the Scottish Government announcing its policy position for sign-in to online services, with myaccount ‘the national approach’ to secure and easy access to public services online in Scotland.

More information on the approach can be found in the Scottish Government’s Digital Scotland blog, where readers can post comments and pose questions.

As well as leading to the first 10,000 registered myaccount subscribers, the soft launch has helped bed in the new service, preparing the groundwork for a larger promotional effort over the coming months. All things being equal, we expect targets set for myaccount subscriber numbers to be reached and broken, supporting more people to access securely a growing range of online public services.


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