The consultation opens!

When you work on a lengthy project, and have responsibility for particular outputs, it is one of those almost inevitable events that the projected date for your outputs slips and slips again. Eventually it ends up that the go live date will fall exactly as you are due to go off on leave, a holiday you booked months ago in the certain knowledge that this particular piece of work was scheduled to have finished long ago.

So it is with the consultation exercise to go with the Re-use of PSI work. Originally meant to take place in March-April 2014, and carefully timed to have been launched before the local election period, the consultation has slipped steadily backwards through the months, and should now have launched smoothly on 20 August. I'm writing this a few days in advance, as I shall be sitting fumingangry in Gatwick on the start of my relaxing break on that day! One result of this is that the consultation document and impact assessment shan't get added to the PSI Re-use group library until after I return from leave. But if you cannot stand to wait that long to find them, the consultation documents will by now (fingers firmly crossed) have gone live on the GOV.UK consultation page, and also on The National Archives website. There will have been a few further amendments to the re-use TNA web pages as well, so they may also be worth a visit if you've not been there recently.

The consultation runs for 7 weeks, closing on 7 October, so there will still be time when you all get back from your leave to have a look - and do let your colleagues know if you think they'd be interested.

Happy holidays!

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