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It's been a bit quiet on here of late, but I thought I might add an update.

I've done a bit of journey mapping with 2 offenders now, with 3 more to come - albeit after our final touchpoint day.  Doing this work is something I really enjoy, I've missed dealing with the public and listening to these young people has been a piece of work I really feel I could just do all day everyday!  However, back in the real world, I'm also learning that sometimes you have to know if you are the right person for the job.  Much as I love working with our young offenders, a meeting with Leeds YOT has taught me that I might not be the best person to be engaging with them and getting the best results from them.  We may have to reconsider our approach going forward, and look to see if there could be scope to engage an expert, such as UserVoice, to do further engagement with the young offenders so that we can truly move towards co-creation and prototyping as we plan the service of the future.

Laurence has also gathered some raw data from our records, which I've passed to our customer insight team to work their magic on so we can also get a data-based view of the young people who are involved with YJS at the moment.  I'm hoping it will show their locations in relations to a range of services, and that we'll see if there are any useful patterns that could inform how the service might operate.

As a team, the Business Change Team is looking at how we could use Design Thinking as one of our key approaches, and what we would need to do to get there.  This would sit alongside Business Process Re-Engineering and Lean as our core offer.

See you all in November.  Toodle pip!


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Former Member 5 Years Ago
Thanks for your blog Karen....good to read. I am however a bit concerned that you feel that you my have to engage a user voice organisation to get user insights. I agree they can be helpful but also training your own organisation to understand how to gain user insights can be really powerful in helping to change organisational culture and behaviour. Personally I am a real fan of the staff in the organisation gaining the user insights for this reason. It can be really humbling and really helps change the expert/user dynamic. Look forward to seeing you next week M
Karen Thornton 5 Years ago in reply to Former Member .
Good point. Perhaps, having had this viewpoint from another organisation, it's more about lack of experience and confidence? Maybe I'm just out of practise at working with the public? Maybe because this approach is new to us I'm not sure if I'm 'doing it right'? H'mmm.... interesting.... and all adds into what needs to be considered as we look to use this approach more widely in the future.