How to upskill using Knowledge Hub

The work involved delivering public services and helping communities needs doing now and the fast paced working environments are stretching our responsibilities and availability. In order to stay on top of things we need immediate access to knowledge. We need ways to upskill without having to wait for budget to become available.

So, when the need to maintain and develop skills and knowledge is more crucial than ever, what can we do to take charge of our professional and personal development when we are faced with limited or no training budget?

Through a collection of insightful conversations with Knowledge Hub members, some of you told us how you have been able to “learn new skills” and “increase knowledge” as a result of the “quick and easy sharing platform”. In addition to continuing the day job and staying ahead of the field, members are increasing their knowledge and learning new and transferrable skills without having to attend formal training or other costly events.

Members join the group(s) directly linked to their work area to access relevant knowledge and people’s expertise. They also benefit from the wider Knowledge Hub community and join other groups and connect with people in various roles to give them the opportunity to learn about further interests alongside their core role. 

Richard Overy at Shropshire Council facilitates the Information Graphics and Visualisation group, and became a facilitator to learn new things and make new connections.

“I was able to learn from other people instead of taking part in formal training. I have learned much about how to facilitate an online community and the online facilitation skills I have developed around engaging people and encouraging them to chip in are great transferrable skills for my personal development and adding to my CV.”

Stacy Cosham at Broadland District Council facilities the East of England Scrutiny Network, has learned and developed her online community facilitation skills and improved her skills as a council officer and communication skills as a facilitator.

“I am now better at resourcing and writing better quality reports, as my access to other people’s learning and resources allows me to write using more facts instead of opinions and/or theories. My quality of writing and use of language has also improved as a result of reading other materials and resources.”

How do you use your Knowledge Hub membership to progress your learning and development? Has one of your groups helped you to develop a new skill? As always, we would like to hear more about the ways you use Knowledge Hub so please get in touch if you have a Knowledge Hub story to share by emailing or add a comment below.

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