QSRA: Introduction for risk/planning professionals &decision-makers webinar


QSRA: Introduction for risk/planning professionals &decision-makers webinar


Starting 14 March 2019 12:30 through to 14 March 2019 13:30

It is increasingly best practice to produce plans that utilise ranges for uncertainty and consider the probability of risks impacting the plan. Many planners have never produced a probabilistic schedule, yet it is increasingly common practice.

The goal of the webinar is to encourage more people to try this method of planning, and to do so confidently.

All projects, programmes and portfolios are inherently risky because they are unique, constrained, based on assumptions, performed by people and subject to external influences. Risks can affect the achievement of objectives either positively or negatively. Risk includes both opportunities and threats, and both should be managed through the risk management process.

The APM Body of Knowledge 6th edition reference describes QRSA as follows:
“Quantitative risk assessment focuses on overall risk and is based on more numerical approaches. Typical quantitative techniques include Monte Carlo analysis, decision trees and sensitivity analysis”


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