Procuring for agile


Procuring for agile


Starting 21 February 2019 17:00 through to 21 February 2019 20:00

Traditional approaches to procurement and contracting assume requirements are fully defined up-front, so that providers can price on the basis of certainty with little change over the contract duration.

Agile does not fit this model. So how do you procure and contract when an agile approach is suitable ?


Context: An agile approach to project management is now being applied beyond software development projects, moving into other fast-changing areas where benefits need to be delivered early in a programme; where the requirements are moving fast; and stakeholders, be they internal or external customers, require a responsive approach to service or product development.

In other words, given the extent of change, the traditional approaches to running a selection competition and to contract drafting, where change is fought rather than embraced, are simply not viable.


Aims: This session aims to give answers to how you procure and contract for agile projects.

The 2½ hour session will mix short talks to introduce a topic, round-table contributions and facilitated visual discussions to explore the sub-topics. Participants will be expected to contribute by sharing their experiences, concerns and solutions. It is expected that the session will help form the basis for a ‘white paper’ that will capture the key findings.


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