Free Webinar - Applying Soft Systems thinking to KM


Free Webinar - Applying Soft Systems thinking to KM


Starting 13 March 2019 12:00 through to 13 March 2019 13:00

Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) is a structured approach to the management of change. The primary focus of the approach is on understanding and managing complex situations; in particular where there are several stakeholders, with several different views and change requirements of a ‘problem situation’.

KM implementations can present examples of such complexity. In such programmes there can be many perspectives of ‘the problem’ that an investment in KM or a Community initiative is seeking to address. During implementation there can be a conflict between drivers to ‘get the job done’ versus taking time to connect and share knowledge.

With its emphasis on addressing ‘messy problems’ SSM seeks to bring differing stakeholder perspectives to the surface and achieve a consensus on a suitable way forward. This methodology has been applied in a broad range of fields including in the context of KM initiatives. Here its application may be directed at gathering initial requirements, or applied later to help understand the reasons behind a lack of uptake of KM or an inactive Community of Practice.

In this webinar Clive Bright will explore how Knowledge and Community Managers can draw on SSM to to help define the purpose, requirements or overall strategy, or can act as diagnostic tool in discovering why a programme has stalled.

Clive will provide a brief overview of the key concepts of SSM and the steps in the methodology. He will reflect on his own experience of applying elements of soft systems thinking on a number of KM and organisational change projects.

The webinar will cover:-

  • An overview of the concepts and steps within an SSM study
  • Example case studies from Clive’s own application of SSM
  • References to further material - for webinar attendees who want to find out more about ‘Soft Systems Methodology’ and its application in the KM arena.


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